2024 Summer Meeting

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The 2024 Summer Meeting of the Guild will take place in North Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire during the extended weekend of Friday 17th – Sunday 19th May 2024. Full Details are in the programme above. Please click on the image to open the programme and view the pages. You can click on the links which will open Google Maps for tower locations and directions. 

You can also download the programme to your computer or phone and view it when out of internet range. Click on the ••• in the menu below the opened programme.

To notify the Secretary of your attendance at the Summer Meeting, to book Dinner on the Saturday evening or to give details of lunch for Saturday, please log in to your personal page on this website. You can do this be clicking on your personal link which you can obtain again by entering your email address here and clicking on the submit button.

Please check your spam or junk folder carefully if an email does not arrive.

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