Personal Details

This page will display your personal details when you click on a link sent to your email address from the Update page. The information is divided into tabbed pages. When you have reviewed the ‘Personal information’ clicking on the ‘Membership information’ tab will take you to that information. If a Guild meeting is imminent there will be another tab displaying details of that meeting.

Please add, amend or change any personal details that are  missing or need updating and then click on the ‘Save’‘ button at the bottom of each tabbed page. 

You may wish to look at the GMR Privacy Policy page. (the page will open in a new tab so that you can return to this page easily).

Meetings: If you are on this page to confirm attendance at a meeting or for choosing your dinner menu for the meeting please click on the Meeting tab and enter your choices.

When you have entered your choices please do NOT forget to press the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page. – You should receive an email to confirm your booking.

Please be aware that: 

  • the ‘Membership Status‘ field can not be edited or changed, it is set by the Guild administrator.
  • items marked with a * are ‘required items’ and you must complete these to be able to save the information.