For Non-Members

Membership of the Guild is open to qualified members of any of the health professions whose qualification is registerable with an appropriate professional Council. Associate Membership is open to those in training in any of the health professions, as defined above; to the immediate family of Ordinary Members; and to such others, associated with medicine, whom the Guild elects with a two thirds majority.

Life membership at present is £10.00 for Ordinary and Associate Members, except for members in training for whom it is £5.00 with a further £5.00 being paid on qualification. Meeting details are usually circulated to active members approximately one month prior to the meeting.

If you believe you fulfil the membership requirements and wish to join the Guild, please contact the Secretary – – giving details of your name and occupation. Elections to membership of the Guild take place at May and November business meetings.


For Elected Members

To Register your personal details please go to the Register page. This is a password protected page where you can enter you name and email address. A link will then be sent to you by email which, when clicked, will take you to a web-page where you will be able to enter your full details for your Guild membership.

To Update your personal details go to the Update page and upon entering your email address, a new link will be sent to you so that you can update or amend your personal details for your Guild membership.

A list of members of the Guild with their contact details can be found on the password protected List of Members page.